Komatsu Forwarder


If you've got the skills and would like to show you have what it takes to be crowned as the best professional operator in the business, enter the Komatsu Forests Forwarder competition.

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Competition entries now closed.

The machine selected for this year’s competition is the all-new Komatsu 895


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  • 895 Forwarder, 60 plus have been sold to date in Australia.
  • 890.3 Forwarder, 120 plus were sold from 2006 - 2012 in Australia.
  • 890.2 Forwarder, 60 plus were sold from 2004 - 2006 in Australia.
  • 890.1 Forwarder, 60 plus were sold from 2000 - 2003 in Australia.
  • 890 Forwarder, 80 plus were sold from 1996 - 2000 in Australia.
  • 892 Forwarder, 80 plus were sold from 1987 - 1996 in Australia.

When you add up all these numbers there is no disputing that all the Komatsu (Valmet) Forwarder models have dominated the Australian market.