Event Program

Monday 11 April

The week kicks off with a Schools program aimed at students in Year 10 studying the Carbon Cycle as part of their curriculum. This program will likely run over two days and include field trips to the in-forest demonstration site (a certified sustainable plantation), Australian Sustainable Hardwoods (a certified sustainable producer of timber products), a Production Native Forest coupe (certified managed by a sustainable manager) and Australian Paper (a certified sustainable producer of paper).

Tuesday 12 April

Day two of the Schools program.

Day one of the Sustainable Supply Chains for the Timber Economy of the Future conference. The conference will provide an opportunity to hear from Australian and International experts on a wide range of topics aimed at improving productivity and efficiency from trees in the ground to manufactured, value-added products.

Wednesday 13 April

Final day of the Sustainable Supply Chains conference.

Thursday 14 April

This will be the day of our industry field trips to steep terrain logging coup/s, Australian Sustainable Hardwoods, Radial Timber, HVP’s Gelliondale Nursery and Australian Paper.

Tonight is the Welcome dinner and charity auction which will likely be well-attended by people from all sectors of the timber industry along with politicians who recognise the industry’s importance. The charity auction will be in aid of Centenary House, which is largely staffed by volunteers and provides accommodation facilities for people coming from far and wide for out-patient care at the Latrobe Valley Hospital’s Oncology department - a welcome respite for many of our folk throughout Gippsland in particular.

Friday 15 April

We have a seminar in planning entitled Wood: the intelligent alternative. This seminar will be designed to provide manufacturers with solid information on what they can do to tool up for the prefab construction market as well as providing government bodies with information on how they can encourage increased advanced manufacturing in their jurisdictions.

Lights, camera, action! This is day one of the Exhibition and Demonstration field days at our two active sites. The Flynn Creek In-forest site will feature outdoor static sites, in-forest displays, live harvesting and forwarding/skidding demonstrations, live in-field chipping demonstrations and exhibitions, truck&trailer test drives and a practical safety workshop. The Traralgon Showgrounds Manufacturing site will have a marquee sites for exhibiting and demonstrating the latest developments in timber processing equipment, systems and connectors for pre-fabrication manufacturers, displays of timber and panel products and treatments for designers, as well as a model display demonstrating the construction possibilities afforded by the use of massive timber.

Saturday 16 April

Final day of the Exhibition and Demonstration days at our two active sites and likely to be the biggest attendance day as industry employees and contractors bring their family along, possible new entrants to the industry explore for opportunities and the general public get to see how the modern timber industry works using the latest in technology.


Download the event guide here.